Our New Logo!

November 17, 2011

 Hi Guys,

We wanted to officially introduce you to our NEW LOGO! We think it represents what we're best known for perfectly. We've wanted to bring a Face to Femme Jolie for a while now and we finally did. So... meet "Jolie", that is the name of our girl! As you all know, or if you didn't, Femme Jolie is French for Pretty Woman. It is a perfect name for all our fans because that is what you are and hopefully when you step into a Femme Jolie product, that is how you feel.

What do you guys think? I'm sure you love it as much as we do :). We look forward to moving into the future with a clear direction and fabulous new designs for all our fans, expanding more and more each day.

Thanks for sticking by us and your business. We truly appreciate it! It's exciting to receive your Fan Photos from all over the World. As we grow we know you'll stand by our side. 

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