Let me introduce myself the best way I can... I find intros awkward but for the sake of getting to know each other better I'll give it my best shot!
My name is Idith and I am the owner of FJ SWIM BIKINIS formerly known as Femme Jolie. 
In 2010 the journey started for this handmade bikini brand. Our first storefront opened it's doors in Miami and we have been offering mix & match bikini separate options to locals ever since.
We expanded to the online world, offering all our items for potential customers that were not local but were eager to shop our products.
In 2019 we relocated and revamped our brand into a more cohesive vision. Our manufacturing and storefront are now both at one location giving me more flexibility as a business owner in more ways than one.
If you have been following us on Instagram or Facebook since the earlier days you can see how this brand has grown and evolved. Always thriving to create a better product and swimwear that cannot be found anywhere else.
I dipped my toes into the reversible swimwear market at the end of 2019 and found myself in love with the flexibility I can extend to my customers looking for more options with fewer pieces and also resulting in a better quality product.
I am a self taught seamstress, pattern designer, photographer and have had to wear more hats for business roles than I want to list. This part is true for most small business owners and what helps us succeed. 
I first sat down at a sewing machine at the age of 18 not knowing a thing. Not knowing where it would lead. Fast forward 20 years later to where I am today... I am still learning every day.
Thank you for reading the condensed version of my story and thank you for supporting my small handmade swimwear business.
Idith S.