We're almost there! Things feel like they were moving fast & now they feel like they're taking forever. Some things we cannot control but I'm excited to share with you some updated images of our space.
Some of you who follow us on Instagram might remember last year when this whole project was first started that I was brainstorming floor ideas. I knew I didn't want to do tile or laminate, instead choosing cement flooring. I think it adds a modern & industrial touch to the space.
I also knew that I wanted a design element that would make people do a double & triple take, hence the blue colored floors!
Let me tell you, choosing the right blue was thought consuming but we're thrilled with the end result.
The final touches need to be added to the space before we can move on in and start setting up the store & warehouse ... but I've got some cool ideas for that too.
Stay tuned & hopefully we'll see you in the store soon!
Idith S.
January 25, 2019 — Idith Saluzzio

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